Tampa Bay Real Estate Market is Headed Towards a Big 2022 

Growth is the only way in Tampa. 

With beautiful weather and attractions, it is no surprise that real estate platforms and experts have rated Tampa Bay as the hottest housing market for 2022. Houses are in such demand that Tampa Bay rose to number one beating cities such as Austin, TX. Austin was first last year and fell to number ten this year.

Factors which Add to the Housing Demand 

This housing market is a result of an increase in jobs available combined with a large number of individuals buying houses. Not only does this mean houses will be closed quickly, but also increased opportunities for new constructions of homes and apartments. For those that live in the Tampa Bay area, this demand for housing means increases in tax and home equity. Florida has a 3% Save Our Homes Cap assessment limit for those who have a homestead exemption. Regardless, everyone should expect to pay more in taxes as a result of an increase in property value. It is great to see that houses will appreciate over time due to demand in the area. 

Homes Are Selling Quickly 

If you are interested in a house in the Tampa Bay area, do not wait. Be sure to contact a real estate agent and make an offer before seeing the house you are interested in. This is necessary as the demand for housing will not subside anytime soon.

Individuals who have accepted jobs in Tampa Bay will more than likely be driving in from nearby cities. As a result, they might be more motivated to buy a house quickly to cut down on commute times. Individuals who drive 82 miles a day for work will be wary of sitting in traffic. A hefty housing price will be a fair trade for an increase in the quality of life for these individuals.   

The Future of Real Estate in Tampa Bay 

Tampa Bay is projected to have massive growth in 2022. This will mean less woodlands and the utilization of open grass areas. These events need to occur to make room for even more businesses, entertainment, restaurants, and jobs.

Creating housing communities will mean more suburbs and schools. Massive growth requires government officials to look at roads and other infrastructure to ensure everything is up to par.

As there is plenty of natural beauty in Tampa Bay, there will likely be an attraction of contractors. They will desire to build unique houses that preserve the architectural integrity and aesthetic of the neighborhoods already present.

Tampa Bay is sure to have everything to fit every individual's needs. Prefer to live somewhere that has a bit of distance between houses? This can be accomplished by living in a nearby county. You would have all the benefits of Tampa Bay while living in the home of your dreams.

Previously a Florida west coast hidden gem, Tampa Bay is now a transforming, vibrant metropolitan that will continue to blossom. With tax benefits, unique weather, and working from home, Tampa Bay will continue to draw in young professionals and businesses. There might not be an end to this growth that Tampa Bay is seeing.  

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