10 Amazing Candle Decoration Tips to Reinvigorate Your Home 

The perfect decor piece. 

We currently have electricity, so we may have forgotten completely about candles!

But that does not mean that your candles can not be used.

Candles can not only add fresh scents to the air of your home but are great for accenting your decor. An added benefit of candles is that they are interchangeable.
If one day you want a specific scent, but the next day you want something else, do not fret! It is possible to fulfill all your moods with candles.

Candles serve many different purposes and can be a great addition to your home. You will certainly have to practice good safety protocols when dealing with candles. At the same time, these safety protocols are fairly straightforward.

Let’s take a look at some fun candle decoration ideas!

Candles Come in Different Varieties  

Candles are fine on their own. To jazz it up, however, put one in a container with a unique design. Some candle scents are perfect for particular seasons.

A great example is pumpkin spice or peppermint. Both of these would be great in the fall. There are no specific rules though. If you want to pull out a peppermint candle in the middle of May, that is totally up to you.  

Candles in a Large Container 

The idea of placing candles in a larger container was mentioned earlier. A great way to do this is with votive candles. The cane webbing makes it so that you see the light and add an earthy feel.  

Tea Light Candles Can Be Fun 

A cute way to use tea light candles during Easter is by filling shells with them. You would need something to hold the shells, and then you would fill each one with a tealight.  

How about Centerpiece Features? 

In need of ideas for a centerpiece? Use a dual copper candlestick. These are not only beautiful but add a touch of elegance to any dining table.  

Go Geometric 

Geometric candle holders are bold. This is why the best place for them is in a corner on a flat surface. This flat surface can be a mantel or a bookshelf.

Golden Pillar Candlesticks Are Fun! 

If you are feeling fancy, look into a golden pillar candlestick. These will be sure to be a conversation piece for any dinner party.  

Wicker Candle Holders Can Serve As Great Decorative Elements 

Live near the ocean or a body of water? A great way to bring those relaxing vibes into your home is through wicker candle holders. 

Obtain Larger Wicker Design Sizes 

 A bonus decor tip is to get larger sizes of the same kind of wicker design and fill them with flowers.  

Flowers Combined with Candles Are Great! 

Flowers are the perfect backdrop for candles.

Are you a fan of thrift shopping? The next time you go, be sure to look for floral pieces that could use a little love but are otherwise fine. These can be used with candles to show a ton of character. You will be the only one with that unique piece as well.  

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