4 Home Decor Lessons that We Learned in 2021 

These will surely simplify your life. 

Did you know that as you are thinking about your legacy you will think about how it can impact other parts of your life, like home decor?

If you are able to keep all areas of your life simple, you are ensuring to minimize stress and hassles overall. When it comes to home decor and leaving a compelling legacy, you must think about simplicity and what you want.

This is what will make a significant difference for you and those around you.

Keep reading for four lessons in home decor that will help leave behind the legacy you want.

1. Start Simple 

Remember, it can be seemingly mundane tasks such as washing the dishes every night or making sure to fold clean laundry.

Waking up to a clean house feels good mentally, but it allows you to start each day with a win.

For instance, take a look at your laundry room or area. Do you have an overfilled laundry hamper? Are there worn clothes strewn around in various areas? Take a minute to organize the area. 

2. Plan According to Your Needs

Do not assume that cleaning the house will be easy when expecting guests. It is essential to plan appropriately for the type of function.

If you are planning a dinner party, your house will require a different level of cleaning than when you are having guests spend the night.

In either situation, it is okay to ask for help and to take time to relax.

3. Design Your Home According to Your Specific Style

Make your home your own. It is okay to get inspiration from others, but do not just mindlessly copy something exactly. Instead, think about what it is about that table or couch that draws you in, and then picture your living space and how you can customize it.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and life is too short to live it according to what others think. Of course, advice should be sought after, but ultimately the decision is yours to make in how you decorate your space.

4. Change Your Style as Your Life Changes

If you have had a piece of furniture for a while, it might be a habit that is causing you to stick with the furniture. Of course, it is important to spend your money wisely, but it is also important to admit that some pieces might be long overdue for replacement.

Look over your furniture and see if there are pieces that don't feel the same. If you find pieces like this then you do not necessarily have to throw them out to be taken to a landfill. You can find another person that would gladly accept them. You could then purchase your furniture replacements guilt-free.

These are the lessons that 2021 has taught us. You can see how simplicity makes your life better when it comes to legacy and home decor. This is a profound lesson that we can carry over into the many decades ahead.

We cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for us!

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