4 Ways in Which Baskets Can Be a Clever Solution for Small Homes

These solutions strike the perfect balance between organization and decoration. 

With limited spaces and reduced square footage, small homes are a challenge to decorate. With that being said, they are not impossible to transform into your personal slice of heaven. A touch of character here, a few enhancements there, and you come out on top with small home decoration tips.

One of the trendiest ways to decorate small homes is the use of baskets. These choice items don’t require much expenditure, but deliver significantly in the aesthetic department. In turn, they add plenty of charm to your small space while also helping you stay under your budgetary constraints.

Interested in seeing how baskets can help you breathe new life into your home? Here are 4 ways they can be a clever solution for smaller spaces. 

Use Them as Decor Accents in Your Living Room

From wicker baskets to twining baskets, these storage solutions can hold a variety of items within them. But the intricate design of these baskets also makes them a spectacular decor accent in the right setting.

If you want your living room to look organized, you can use a variety of woven baskets throughout the space. Small baskets can go on your shelves, while bigger baskets can claim the space under your coffee table. Some of the largest sizes can even settle beside your end tables. Whatever design you may choose, it can keep clutter at bay and add layers of style at the same time.

Add Them to Your Bedroom for the Utmost Convenience

While looking into small home decoration tips, keeping your everyday items handy is your top priority. This is especially true for spaces such as your bedroom, which needs to look free of visual noise. By using baskets in your bedroom, you can achieve this feat without any problems.

In the bedroom, you can use larger baskets to contain piles of clothes that are usually strewn throughout the floor. Using small square baskets on your dresser and larger circular baskets under your bed can also help in storing regular items. This is one of many ways to decorate small homes while paying attention to organization.

Place Them for Storage in Your Laundry Room

Regardless of the style of its woven craftsmanship, a large-sized basket looks quite delightful on its own. This also holds true for tall laundry baskets, which establish a breezy look while also saving you from disorganized messes. By putting this basket in your laundry room, you can strike the required balance between functionality and aesthetic.

Wicker baskets are especially popular in this regard, and provide optimal storage with plenty of eye candy to boot. These baskets are also available with their respective lids, which adds another layer to their overall look. For further convenience and durability, you can use them with a liner while storing your laundry. 

Utilize Them in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

With a variety of cooking equipment and food supplies, your kitchen can fall prey to clutter pretty easily. That is why, no list of small home decoration tips can be complete without addressing this part of your household. Being in line with trendy decor and classic functionality, baskets don’t fall behind in this department.

In the kitchen, you can go past woven baskets and use safe plastic and metal materials for storage and organization. With that being said, using woven baskets for utensils and groceries is still a great idea. For instance, you can store cookbooks and spices in a wicker basket that doesn’t take much space on your counter.

By using these ways to decorate small homes, you can add a variety of textures while benefiting from ideal storage. This ensures that your home stays free of disorganization, while also looking as pretty as a picture.

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