5 Amazing Tricks That’ll Make Your Bedroom Look Even Bigger

Want to add some space without constructional changes? These tips are exactly what you need.

With a pressing need for larger spaces and heightening demand for multipurpose areas, it’s understandable to want a bigger bedroom. But when you are running short on square-footage or banking on tiny home trends, achieving that feat might be challenging.

With that being said, it is not necessary to have a larger area in order to find your desired comfort. A few changes here, some choice adjustments there, and you can easily reap the rewards of spacious bedroom decor. The best part? These simple tips to decorate a small bedroom don’t call for any constructional changes.

If that piques your interest, the following five tricks for a bigger bedroom might be exactly what you need. 

Get a Spectacular Rug 

One of the easiest ways to make a small bedroom look bigger is by placing a rug underneath your bed. When your rug starts under the foot of your bed and expands through the floor, it projects a spacious visual.

If you find a bigger rug that fits almost the entirety of your bedroom, that may also work wonders. Simply put the rug in your bedroom, and let its vibrant colors create a roomy illusion right off the bat. 

Use Delightful Wall Sconces

Using table lamps and floor lamps is a good tip for mood lighting. But it has adverse effects when you need tips to decorate a small bedroom. Instead of investing in lighting that takes surface space, buying fixtures that go on the wall is a better idea.

Utilizing wall sconces strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality. With the various designs available in these fixtures, you can easily enhance your room’s visuals while taking lesser surface space.  

Explore Lighter Colors in Bedding 

Getting rich and dark colors might be highly tempting while decorating your bedroom. But they can make a space look constricted. As a result, they go against the fundamental tricks for a bigger bedroom.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the feeling of luxury. Even when you use lighter colors such as white and ivory, you can continue to invest in premium bedding materials. This helps you enjoy a roomy-looking bedroom while also adding to your comfort.  

Clear the Clutter With Elaborate Trays

Once seen as a throwback to vintage decor, decorative trays are making a comeback for modern homes. Whether you use silver trays, mirror trays, or wooden trays, they can help you make a small bedroom look bigger. The reason: They can pull together all the clutter and save you plenty of space.

You can put these trays on your end tables, your dresser, as well as your coffee table or desk. Apart from storing items such as makeup or toiletries, you can also spruce them up with accents such as candles. 

Utilize Large Mirrors Across the Room

While looking for tips to decorate a small bedroom, no proper list can be complete without a mention of mirrors. Since mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, they are an excellent addition to a tiny bedroom. When you use them in a bigger size, they can practically double their effects.

Installing full-length wall mirrors or placing giant floor mirrors can add to the roomy feeling of any bedroom. If you choose a frame that goes in line with your decor, it also fits in as a statement piece.

By looking into these tips, you can easily make your bedroom look bigger. This ensures that you can feel comfortable in your personal space without having to look for a new home altogether. 

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