5 Awesome Home Renovation Apps - Part II 

Turn your phone into your DIY project assistant. 

Taking on DIY home improvement ideas is tricky to say the least. It becomes even more challenging when you are initiating a specific project all by yourself, especially for the first time in your life. But even as you practice physical distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, purpose-built renovation apps can help you get the additional help you need.

To make sure that you can make the most out of these technological advancements, here are the top 5 home improvement apps to pull off your DIY idea with the utmost success.

1. Home Design 3D

Ever wanted to play interior designer without having to go through a crash course? Home Design 3D lets you fulfill that dream. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, the app allows you to do draw rooms, play with furniture options, and choose between color swatches.

With the ability to create home models and room designs, the app is an ideal solution for multiple scenarios. Whether you want to redo a specific room or see how you can put a new spin on your whole home, Home Design 3D lets you bring your vision to life.  

2. Magicplan 

With the ability to sketch designs, create floor plans, and estimate expenses all through one app, Magicplan has proven to be a robust and popular solution among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are downloading the app to execute DIY home improvement ideas or take an estimate before calling a professional, its extensive features are worth your time. It comes with full support for iOS and Android devices, with its intuitive interface making it one of the most sought after home improvement apps that are currently available in the market.

3. iHandy Level 

In case you are looking for some quick fixes or enhancements around the house, then simpler renovation apps such as iHandy Level are going to be more according to your liking. Staying true to its name, the iOS app provides you with a quick and mobile level that you can access anytime.

This app is typically useful for swift and hassle free tasks such as hanging your favorite photo frames, but it can also help you take accurate measurements for extensive projects.

4. Chairish

In case your home improvement project is more on the lines of designing your space than making structural changes to it, Chairish can help you fulfill your objective. As a marketplace for vintage and modern furniture, the iOS app helps you find furnishings that flaunt your style.

Chairish is easy to use, fun to browse, and simple to shop from. The platform also allows you to sort through various design choices to help you discover something that’s the perfect fit for you.

5. Home Improvement Calcs

Want to make sure that you don’t go overboard on your home improvement costs? Home Improvement Calcs is here to help. The iOS app lets you quickly calculate your improvement and renovation costs so you don’t end up breaking the bank by going against your budget.

Home Improvement Calcs doesn’t offer a basic or free version, but it’s well worth the cost whether you are testing DIY home improvement ideas or calculating for the cost of professional assistance.

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