5 Home Spaces You Need to Tackle in 2021

With more time being spent indoors, these tips will be super useful.

The New Year may have changed the calendars, but it hasn’t stopped the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak from continuing its spread. It is still important that we continue following safety practices and spend as much time at home as possible.

After almost a full year of social distancing, it’s easy to feel exhausted within just a few days of 2021. That’s why it's critical that you make your home a comfortable and joyful space for yourself and your family.

With the following home decor tips for social distancing, you can accomplish these goals. These suggestions can help you ensure that you and your household can stay comfortable even under unprecedented safety advisories.

1. The Mudroom: Make Your Home a Welcoming Space From the First Step Itself

Want more motivation to spend time in your home? It might be a good idea to invoke its warmth the moment you step through your threshold. That’s why, you should invest heartily in your mudroom.

By using vibrant colors, pleasant photo frames, and smart storage, you can make your home more welcoming from the start. This will help you stroll through the rest of your home with a more pleasant outlook.

2. The Living Room: Layer It Up for a More Comfortable Aesthetic 

As you make your way to the living room, you may want to maintain the same level of comfort. With careful layering, you can continue the warmth from your mudroom into the primary living space.

Using different throw blankets on couches while combining printed cushions with plain fabrics, it will make a simple yet effective statement. Add some patterned rugs on your floor, and you can create a room that’s perfect for lounging worries away.


3. The Kitchen: Let Organization Keep You Calm and Collected  

The center of immediate family gatherings, the kitchen is often called the heart of a home. It gains more importance during a pandemic, where your household will spend even more time together.

That’s where home decor tips for social distancing come in. In the midst of this chaotic time, enhancing your kitchen with organizational upgrades pays off. Installing lazy susans, investing in spice cupboards, and adding assorted bread baskets will go a long way towards maintaining your tranquility.

4. The Bathroom: Freshen It Up With a Selection of Plants 

Your kitchen is the space to share day to day updates with your family. But your bathroom is the one place where you can wind down in private. Lighting a few candles can soothe during your bath time. While a few well-placed plants can work wonders round-the-clock.

Apart from helping you feel more relaxed, this greenery adds a sense of freshness to your self-care routines. From eucalyptus to succulents, you will have plenty of options to choose in this regard. 

5. The Bedroom: Bring Comfort Through Different Aspects 

Ending your day with a stroll towards the bedroom without any outdoor social activities can be quite distressing. But in order to keep yourself and your family safe, it’s something that you may need to do.

To help relieve the stress of this requirement, you can take some time to make your bedroom more comfortable. Touches such as mood lighting, plush blankets, and even a luxury mattress can all help you achieve this objective.

With their overall efficacy, these home decor tips for social distancing will prove to be quite transformative for a comfortable home. When you combine them with controlled outdoor walks and sunny backyard lounging, they can take you to the next level. As a result, these measures can help you maintain a healthy state of mind in the face of current challenges. 
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