5 Important Home Repair Tips For Sellers 

Before going away, your property needs to look outstanding, here’s how. 

If you are deciding to move into a new home, and sell your current one, it is imperative that you do some repairs. Your property needs to be at its best, if you want to sell it successfully. So, there are many aspects to look out for, that is why we have compiled a list of the 5 most important home repair tips you should keep in mind, before proceeding towards the sale.

Clean the Floors 

Dirty and worn-out carpets ruin the whole look and feel of a house, and are bound to leave a bad impression on potential buyers. That is why you should properly vacuum your home carpet, before moving out. To aid the cleaning process, you can use foam sprays and powders, in order to supplement the vacuum.

Other than carpets, if you have hardwood floors in the house, you should not neglect them as well. Wood is relatively easier to clean than carpets, but only if you use the correct tools. It is recommended to use cleaning products that contain isopropyl alcohol, as they dry quicker, and do not damage wooden surfaces.

If the floor is in a really bad condition, you should consider installing a new flooring altogether. Nowadays, there are tonnes of low-cost options available on the market, ranging from wooden plank tiles to laminate flooring. 

Paint Where it is Required 

Fresh paint has the ability to elevate the whole mood of the house. Moreover, paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update the look of the home. And this is something you can do on your own, without any sort of professional help. The most important consideration when it comes to painting, are the colors to use. Using a light and neutral color palette is recommended, as it can seamlessly blend in with various decor styles. The most popular color to use is gray, as it is a standard neutral color, and it also gives the illusion of depth to the walls.

It is not necessary to repaint each and every space of the house. Focus more on rooms which have loud and bright colors, as these are the ones that will benefit the most with a paint job. Moreover, removing wallpaper is also a smart thing to do, as they make a home look dated. 

Clean the Bathroom

A bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in any house. It is essential that each and every part of them stays functional. And more importantly, they should remain absolutely clean. For starters, you should ensure that the grouts and the pipes of the bathroom are clear, so that there are no overflows. Cleaning the bathroom tiles, and the spaces in between them is also a good idea. Water conservation is also of utmost importance, so you should trade out inconvenient bathroom products for efficient ones, so that the water footprint can be reduced.

It is important to note that bathrooms have one of the highest upgrade costs in the house, and if neglected, these will increase in the future. Therefore, it is wise to invest some money in your bathroom upgrade now, as this is a financially sound decision for the long term. Furthermore, installing new mirrors with improved lighting can elevate the whole vibe of the bathroom. This simple change can cause its value to increase, and in turn cause the value of the house as well.

Caulking can also prove to be an invaluable effort. If you have never heard of this, caulk is basically a material used to fill in seams or joints in various structures. Hence, you should use a new caulk to replace the old worn-out caulk in your bathroom.


Improve the Lighting 

Without proper lighting, even the best of homes will lose its beauty. On the other hand, proper lighting can make even a small home appear larger and inviting. Maximizing the perception of space is one of the most pivotal factors in making your home look welcoming.

One of the primary sources of lighting that you should take advantage of, is natural lighting. That is why you should avoid using heavy drapes, and prefer using light colored curtains to let the sunlight in. The other source of lighting, that you should look to improve, is artificial lighting. Replace the fading old light bulbs, with the new ones that are more energy efficient. 

Don’t Neglect the Home Exterior 

Repairing your home doesn’t mean that you only need to focus on the interior, it also means paying attention to the outside. The exterior of the home is what any potential buyer sees first, so it is essential to make it look as beautiful as possible. There are many components of a home exterior, which we will delve deeper into here.

First of all, come the exterior doors. You should guarantee that all doors are free of any type of marks or dents. Moreover, make sure that all the door handles are working properly. The next important component of the home exterior is the roof. It should not have any broken tiles or ridge caps, as these pieces of hardware protect the home from rain and harsh weather. Any potential leaks on the roof should also be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

Another significant aspect of the home exterior, is the drainage system, as it can make or break the whole functionality of the home. If water collects by the foundation of your home during rain, take this as a red flag. To rectify this issue, get a contractor to bust out the concrete.

One of the often neglected parts of the home exteriors are the eaves. If you have never heard of them, eaves are basically the edges of the roof that hang above the exterior wall. Eaves should be free of any water damage or rusting, and in case they are, you should get a contractor to replace the damaged boards.

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