AFTHA’s Guide to Buy Your First Home — Part II

Digging a little deeper into this adventure.

A couple of days ago, we shared the first segment of a three-part guide, that you should not miss before reading this new piece. There, we exposed many of the hidden truths, and basic principles of the entire home buyers journey, starting with the real meaning behind loans, credit scores and financial honesty.

Now, we would like to talk more about the human side of the issue, because you’ll need to build a team of individuals, that can come with timely solutions, against the most demanding challenges throughout this whole adventure. You may encounter many problems and setbacks, going alone is not an option, it is never too late to start working with those who know what they’re doing. 

Professional Help All the Way

Getting pre-approved by a lender, is one of the best things that can happen to you as a home buyer. It will be the clear proof that you have the money to proceed, and will also provide the crucial information in regards to your possibilities, how much you can afford, how, and which way it’ll be better to approach the whole procedure.

Here’s when a savvy mortgage-lender enters the game, this is a person deeply involved within the industry, and knows the options available for you to succeed. This expert, also has a concise understanding of the several home buyer programs for first-timers, whether they are public or private institutions, and will discuss with you all the important incentives behind them.

Again, as we always suggest, you need to find a competent and experienced real estate agent. If you can count with a specialist in the area, getting the home of your dreams will be more plausible. This is a professional who knows the local market, the inspectors, banks and the outstanding opportunities in the chosen region. But first, compare prices, learn more about them, or talk to the people who have worked with them before.

Two elemental factors are at risk here, if we don’t hire a real estate agent. One is money, and the other one is time. And you’ll need plenty of time to go see multiple homes, and money will be indispensable to pay extra fees, additional costs, or even emergency repairs after all, to say the least.

Now get in your car, and start driving through the desired neighborhoods you want to live in. You can begin any search via Internet, looking for the right property that fulfills your requirements, but at the end of the day, you’ll be forced to go out and explore, attending open houses, foreclosures and events.

Everything online can look amazing with the right tricks, that’s why you need to visit these homes in person, in order to be completely sure about the risks, ups and downs you are about to get involved. Be true to yourself, and learn how to say no to a bad opportunity, no matter how cheap it is. Stay focused on the long-term projections, and keep your schedule open, great opportunities can arise at any time.

Here at AFTHA, we have created a cohesive network of outstanding realtors, who can assist you in any of these issues. Saving you time, money and stress. Our experienced staff is ready to start working with you, as soon as possible. Call now to (833) 478-1396, or write us an email directly to 

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