Before You Sell: Consider These Options to Get the Most Value

Yes it is, selling a home also has its methods, tricks and ways.

Home prices behave just like any other commodity of high value, people tend to rely on them because of this, it’s the main focus of real estate investment, buyers want to grab a piece of this ever-increasing market that has its own ways, dealing with annual inflation, currency exchanges and much more.

According to a recent work of research made by S&P CoreLogic (gathering information from around 20 cities in the US), it seems like the market value is getting a little bit more expensive (again), but there’s a catch, with its growth slowing, experts claim that we are about to enter in a buyer’s context. In these conditions, the amount of competition to sell only benefits those who are looking for their next home.

Right, so you are interested in selling that beautiful house you have, but in this complex and hectic panorama, is it possible to get the best value for your property? Is there any magic trick? Well, let me tell you this, you don’t need to become a magician to succeed, what you really need is to follow some outstanding tips we’ve gathered for you. Ready? Here they come.

You Better Execute These

Precise renovation:

Stop right there, not all renovations give the best of returns, in fact, most of them aren’t recoupable, let’s say a whole new kitchen, a delightful bathroom you just came up with, etcetera. Instead, let’s focus on the small cosmetic arrangements you can make, such as the structure, a good roof, a garage door or some stone veneers.  

Give them air to breathe:

Sometimes we miss what’s important when showing the property to a potential buyer, and it’s the fact that they want to envision themselves, right into the home as if they were the actual owners. For that case, remove all the furniture that’s making a lot of visual noise, and create plenty of space for the imagination. Oh, and don’t forget to hire a professional photographer, because a poorly-taken picture can take away thousands of dollars in the end.

The perfect timing is possible:

Experts recommend to not sell on winter, instead, do it in springtime. A 2018 study found that if you commit to this fact, you are opening new possibilities to gain 9.2 percent above the actual value of the home. Why is this? Because at that time people are free to roam the streets, without the snow and the hassle of school activities.

Selling a home isn’t a piece of cake after all, it requires some serious concepts and tips that need to be improved over time. Don’t get discouraged if any of these methods fail at-first, in real estate consistency is key. Quitting is not an option, but we do have a solution, our home selling process is straightforward and stress-free. Contact us now, or call to (833) 478-1396.

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