Best Places to Live After Retirement 

Living your best life gets easier when you do it in one of these locations. 

Whether you are close to retirement or have already given up on the race after years of hard work, you might be looking for places to manage your savings optimally, while also enjoying the quality of life you deserve. This desire to find the best places to live after retirement is understandable, since no one wants their hard-earned money to be thrown away on bad financial decisions - especially when it’s all that they have left in terms of their livelihood.

You should be researching a location where you will be able to maintain the same quality of life while optimally managing your savings to last throughout your lifetime. A financial blunder at this point in your life may be an impossible recovery. Less than 25 percent of Americans think that they have saved enough money to retire comfortably. Most people will need to work past the ideal age of retirement of 65 years, a disappointment to most in their planning. Before making any final decisions on the last day of work, do your due diligence and be aware of your budget and expenditures.

Thankfully, plenty of statistical data is present to help you choose between the most retirement-friendly locations in regards to your savings, expenses, and lifestyle. Located in many parts of the United States, some of these places are the best places to live after retirement. Choosing where to invest, where to live, and where to enjoy the rest of your life based on statistical facts will give you a more satisfying approach to a very daunting decision.

 Pearl City, Hawaii 

While Nirvana remains a state of mind, many of those who search for the ultimate serenity could settle for a place in picturesque Hawaii. Apart from scenic vistas that refresh your mind, Pearl City, Hawaii is also known for having the highest share of seniors. Over 23% of the city’s residents are aged 65 and older, which would give you plenty of opportunities for new friend

St. Louis, Missouri 

Known for its museums and gardens, St. Louis is also home to the most accessible home health care services in the country. The city has a rate of 49.54 home health providers per 100,000 residents, which puts it at the top of the most senior-friendly locals in terms of specialized health care services. If you or a significant other requires specialized health care services, this may be a perfect fit for you in terms of being one of the best places to live after retirement. 

Orlando, Florida 

Besides being home to the happiest place on Earth, the city of Orlando is also massively senior-friendly due to its sunny weather, retirement communities, and specialized services. Within a short distance is Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. You can give your grandchildren more and more reasons to visit you each year while you are enjoying a peaceful retirement in your home.

Tampa Bay, Florida 

Another Florida city making this list is Tampa Bay. Known for its affordable housing and senior-friendly environment, Tampa Bay is one of the best overall places to retire. The city has everything that a retired senior would want. Mild weather, lower adjusted cost of living, and the percentage of senior citizens all contribute to its status as a retirement-friendly territory.

Laredo, Texas

An important factor for retirees is an adjusted cost of living. Thanks to its adjusted cost of living index, Laredo, Texas welcomes seniors. Cementing its status as one of the best places to live after retirement. The city boasts the lowest adjusted cost of living index for retirees at 76.28, meaning one can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without paying a premium price for it. One would be getting the most benefit from your savings without adding to the stress of managing your finances.

Some of the other cities that make the list of being senior-friendly are Scottsdale, Arizona; Miami, Florida; and Charleston, South Carolina. Keeping these factors in mind, make sure to check out these cities before you make any decision about your retirement home. With all that they have to offer, you might find a great place to enjoy your free time.

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