Fall Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your 2020

Welcome the pumpkin spice season with a little more than lattes. 

After a year like no other, the season of fall is finally here. As usual, the month of October carries the typical notes of Halloween with it. But this particular autumn stands out due to its relation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With social distancing and limits on public gatherings, this fall has more to do with indoor aesthetics than outdoor environments. As a result, it’s important to decorate your home with the shades of autumn to fully celebrate the season. To make the process easier on you, these fall decoration tips for 2020 are here to help. 

Pay Attention to the Mantel

If your home has a fireplace, you have the perfect focal point to set the mood for different seasons. This also holds true for autumn, where you just need a few items to emulate the season indoors.

This includes but is not limited to pumpkin-themed items, pinecone-inspired accents, and autumn leaf decor. You can also invest in a new screen or get scented firewood for the fireplace itself. Altogether, these simple fall home decor tips create a seasonal experience like no other. 

Use Fall Leaves to Your Advantage

Bringing fall leaves home isn’t limited to your fireplace. From artificial plants to decorative strings, you can use the imagery to paint a delightful picture of the autumn season. You can also take this suggestion literally, and invest in paintings that evoke the tones of autumn leaves.

Integrating autumn leaves into your existing decor is one of the most budget-friendly fall decoration tips for 2020. It doesn’t require you to spend a small fortune on seasonal decor. Yet, it brings the right amount of charm with it.

Utilize the Right Colors Throughout Your Decor

Fall leaves and pumpkins are heavily associated with the autumn season. This means that using shades of brown, red, and yellow go a long way. You can integrate these colors in your upholstery, curtains, and cushions to create your own version of a fall forest.

This is also one of those fall home decor tips that requires a one-time investment in certain items. Afterwards, you can use these fabrics, throws, and accents around the same time each year. 

Switch to Heavier Fabrics and Autumn Scents

Decor is not just about the intensity of specific colors or designs. It is also about engaging different senses and evoking human emotion through them. Keeping this in mind, you can also play with this particular aspect in your fall decor.

For instance, if you are a fan of throws and blankets around your couches, switch them out with chunkier wool. If you don’t mind scented candles, invest in a few with autumn-based aromas. Similarly, if you don’t have an issue with finding live plants, bring seasonal flowers such as dahlias home.

By looking into these tips, you can ensure you are bringing the most out of your fall decoration tips for 2020. No matter your budget, you can welcome the season to your home and find some joy during these difficult times. 

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