How to Navigate Your Stress and Emotions When Buying a Home

Happy, sad, worried or inspired. Be prepared for that range of emotions.

Buying a home is a decision based on different factors. Although, each buyer has some reasons when he/she decides to buy a property, the truth is that at some point they let themselves be carried away by emotions. However, this revolution of feelings could lead you to make the wrong decision. So it's best not to get carried away by impulses and keep your head fresh.

As much as we try to keep a calm mind and not let ourselves be thrown by some impulse, emotional factors that move us to buy, (sometimes) act without any interruption. For all these reasons, we would like to mention several points in regards to the emotional mistakes people make when buying a home. Avoiding these will help you find better options, so here we go.

Why Getting Discouraged When There’s a Lot to Choose? 

Once you've fallen in love with a house, it's hard to go back. You begin to dream about how pleasant life will be when you get to live in that property. The charming streets, lots of trees, the hydromassage tub, a spacious kitchen with first class appliances. However, if you can't pay for that property, you’ll get hurt by thinking so much and obsessing over it, which makes you crumble to the error of contracting a more substantial debt that later will bring many problems, making your financial history pretty troubling.

To avoid the disappointment of having to settle for something less than what you deserve, it's best to look out for houses with price ranges. So, start the search at the lower end, if what you find satisfies you, there's no need to go higher. Remember, when you buy above what you can afford, you’ll get an increase not only in the value of the house, but also in the interest and the time you will be reimbursing the whole amount.

There’s No Bad Question

Buying a home for the first time will always make you feel nervous and full of emotions, especially when you're not sure about all the details involved in the purchase, so you’ll have to turn to your real estate agent to answer all questions and concerns.

Sometimes, this can get a little scary for anyone because nobody wants to look ignorant by asking so many questions. In these cases, don't fall into despair and ask questions frequently about everything related to the purchase, trust yourself and your judgment. Remember, realtors are trained and fit for this kind of situations.

Embrace Your Achievements 

Becoming a first-time homeowner is not a decision or a single step, but a systematic process in which we must take care of every detail, so that our future home does not become the worst nightmare, therefore it is recommended that as a new owner, celebrate all the stages you will go through, be it the first offer, the inspection, the closing, etc. This will help you understand that although things did not go as you wanted, you found the perfect home for your family.

Rejection is Totally Acceptable

We are never going to choose the first house we find on the road, either because of a lack of budget or because we didn't like it. Let's keep our heads up by allowing ourselves to some small dose of rejection, by circumventing that property we couldn't get, and then moving on to other homes that are waiting for you.

Darrell and Melissa Duncan are a couple who have been married for 15 years. The need to find their own place was framed by making the big decision: Become homeowners in order to fully enjoy their life together. Both were afraid at-first, because they didn’t know how to face this situation, but giving up wasn’t a choice. With our help, the Duncans got the perfect house without regretting anything at all, by preparing themselves physically and mentally with our proven methods.

At AFTHA we make sure to guide you through the whole homebuying experience, we have a team of professionals who know the entire process of handling that emotional burden, helping you feel as secure as ever, all focused to get the house of your dreams by making steps simpler. Want to know how? Contact us now! 

The AFTHA Program helps bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots. In short, our mission is to help people who are struggling to become homeowners and have no way to get ahead of their monthly expenses. We freely offer our service to the people that need it most, with the hope of strengthening our economy one family at a time. 

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