A Small Guide for Planning the Right Outdoor Decor for This Summer  

Breaking the budget? Not necessarily.  

Summer is a fun time to change up your patio decor. It is also a terrific way to make some extra money.

Summer is typically when many individuals are moving. This means they will more than likely need furniture. You can sell furniture and use the money to purchase a new set.

Those looking to entertain and have fun with friends at outdoor parties may want to invest in new furniture. Are you one of these people that likes to spend time with family and friends in your backyard?

Let us look at a few of the opportunities that you have when having the right outdoor decor.

What Are Your Objectives? 

The first thing to do before getting started with changing up the decor is to have a plan. Do you want to change up your outdoor space completely or just make minor changes?  

Have the Right Budget 

It is important to plan a budget. Whatever the case may be for the feel you are going for, it is possible to do it without spending an exorbitant amount. Low-budget ways to add to an outdoor space are to utilize rugs, plants, and string lights. These will help to pull the space together.

You can also check public forums to see if individuals are selling furniture. This can help you save even more. Often, used furniture can be rehabbed with a good cleaning or even spray paint. 

Clear The Space and Get It Ready for Something New! 

Before buying furniture, make sure to do a deep cleaning of the space. This will help you to get an idea of the potential the space has. A nice suggestion would be to hang bamboo screening and center a focal point over it.

This focal point can be a medallion or showpiece plant. Add a vintage side table or some type of shelving. This will be helpful for get-togethers, so guests have a place to set their drinks down.

The best use of lighting is to start in corners. This will add depth. If you do decide to purchase string lights, try to get solar-powered ones. These are often inexpensive, and you can utilize command strips to hang them. These special double stick tabs will prevent damaging outdoor walls with drill holes. It is also possible to find solar-powered light-up garden decor. These are often relatively affordable.
You could have beach towels and decorative pillows readily available and use neutrals for more of a spa feel.

Taste and Direction is Critical 

How you decorate depends on your taste and desired direction. There is no need to do it all at once, and you can collect things as you go. Plan a new accent piece to add each year to enrich your space. 

Privacy Matters to Many People 

For privacy, hang a tapestry on a shower rod. This is essentially a makeshift curtain. You could also use bamboo shades as opposed to tapestry. Another affordable way to spruce things up is to utilize planters.

If you do not like the planters you already have or found at local yard sales, you can always paint them or change them to your liking. Be sure to utilize some type of coating or special outdoor paint to protect them from outdoor elements.

If you want to get creative, you could try a pallet vertical garden. This can be accomplished by utilizing black fabric that eliminates weeds as a base and building up from there.

For an enjoyable summer outdoor setting decorate an intimate sitting area using a privacy screen. Utilize plants and lighting for depth and warmth. Add some refaced used or new outdoor furniture. Enjoy entertaining your family and friends in this new summer atmosphere. 

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