We Need to Talk About Home Stairs Flooring

The right shade makes all the difference.

Making changes to your home can be exciting. They can also be avenues for stress. You want everything to look cohesive and flow together. Your home is an extension of you and should be decorated in a tasteful manner. Add in budget constraints and this can be a cause for sleepless nights. An example is your staircase.

If you are making changes it is necessary that your flooring is up to par. If you have different types of flooring, this can be a challenging change to make. You might be unsure of which flooring the stairs should match.

Let us learn more about home stairs flooring and how it makes a difference.

Match the Downstairs Carpet 

If you have a carpet of different shades of the same color, you are in luck. You could match the downstairs carpet. This will result in a look that works. The goal here is that you want the stairs to look good all the way up the stairs. Ultimately, you want coordination not to match them perfectly. If you do not like this option, do not fret. You can also get a carpet that is within range of the colors of the upstairs and downstairs carpets.

If both floors have entirely different colors then you have a bit of a challenge. It is better to match with the downstairs carpet. This is because oftentimes the stairs are easily visible from the entryway of the house. Once an individual is on the second floor they can not see the stairs. You want your guests to feel a sense of togetherness when entering your home. For this reason, it is best to match with the downstairs carpet.  

Ideas for Hardwood or Laminate 

If you have hardwood or laminate that does not match. It is best to choose a color that transitions well between the two. You could also match the downstairs flooring if you want to make it easy on yourself. The same concepts with the carpet apply here. If you have mismatching floors, you should opt to match the downstairs flooring.  

There Are Ways to Solve Different Types of Flooring 

If you have different types of flooring on the two levels, this can be a dilemma. It will be easier if they are in the same color scheme. You would then have to choose a color that matches. If possible, get carpet for the stairs. This is because oftentimes wood flooring can pose a safety threat as it is a slippery surface.

Wood can also be more expensive.

If you have wood and carpet that are two different shades you could look for unique aspects and match those. For example, if you have carpet on the second floor that is patterned, you could match the stairs to a color in the carpet. You could use wood for your stairs and incorporate a carpet stair runner. This makes it so that safety is covered and you will be able to see the wood on either side.

If you have tiles on the first floor and carpet on the second, you can match the carpet. To incorporate the tiles, you can add accessories such as picture frames along the stair wall.        

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