AFTHA’s promise to you

We understand the struggles of a bad credit score, low funds for down payments, and the amount of paperwork required. So, let’s turn the tables around here.

Let us take you from that difficult position, right into a powerful one, where you can decide the best outcome for you, and your family. That is our main motivation and purpose.


The AFTHA Program was created to provide first-time homebuyers a solid platform to make their ownership dreams come true. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the best financial programs available, all based on your profile, goals and needs. We’re immensely proud to serve clients all over the 50 states.

How our Program
benefits you:

The cost of the AFTHA Program is completely FREE. At no point in time you’ll get charged for anything.

We provide blogs, infographics, videos, newsletters, a personal real estate adviser that acts as your case manager, and so much more.

There are certain circumstances in which a client’s credit score needs the precise assistance of an expert. Only in those situations you’ll get referred to the best firms that are partnered with AFTHA. At that stage, we negotiate the best terms only for you. 

Throughout the credit repair process we are ready to answer any of your questions.

help provide supporting information about programs, and also make sure you have the latest content related to your situation compiled for you as well.

Once you become ready to obtain loan approval, we then are able to provide you information about the best lenders to work with that provide the assistance programs unique to your situation in your area, and also make sure you get teamed up with a real estate agent who will work hard to make sure you get the best deal once under negotiations. After purchasing your home.

How to get started?

Our real estate advisers are ready to go over your specific details and provide you information about the options that are available to you in your area, and also a path to be able to qualify for these benefits.The call is free, and no obligation is required on your end financially or with any commitment on your end.

Use the button below to get in touch with one of the advisers who can help you decide which route will be best for you and your family to be able to achieve financial freedom!