Know all the steps,phases and resources you’ll need to become a homeowner now.

Some say it’ll be hard, but we make it easy.

Step One: Inform, Identify and Correct


We get to identify your goals, financial history, and credit status.


We pair you with industry leaders that’ll help you solve any credit issue.

Then, it’ll be time to decide what would be the best course of action to succeed.

What you will learn:

How to keep your savings

How to supplement your existing income.

List Element

If for some reason you miss their call or you don’t get a call from them at all

You can reach out to them directly at

Step Two: Roadmap to

In this phase, you’ll work with an AFTHA case manager, that’ll call you within 24 hours.

This assistant will draft and help you execute a personalized plan.

Also, he/she will guide you through down payment assistance.

Last, you’ll be matched with a local realtor for further development.

Step Three: Let’s Buy a House

At this point, you’ll be ready to apply for financing. And with the support of your assigned realtor, you’ll find the perfect home.

One that meets all your needs, a new promising beginning.

First Time Home Buying Programs For You

Look out in your area for some of the platforms that are helping thousands of American families like yours, the boost you really need to buy the first home.

FHA Home Loan Program

  • A platform that helps buyers with some money saved but a low credit score.
  • 580 or higher FICO score = 35% down payment.
  • 580 or lower FICO score = 10% down payment.

Fact: FHA loans help more first-time home buyers than any other program available.

USDA Loans

  • Destined for average income home buyers in rural areas.
  • Provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • No downpayment required for this one And are less expensive than FHA Loans

Fact: Almost 97 percent of the US is an eligible USDA location.

VA Loans

  • It’s name comes from the Veterans Administration.
  • Offers great benefits to active and retired military personnel.
  • No downpayment required for this one.

No mortgage insurance required also.

203k Rehab Loans

  • Directed to properties that are in a compromised condition.
  • Great for those who see great opportunities in homes that need minor repairs.
  • To qualify, you’ll need a credit score of 640.

Fact: The requirements are very similiar to a FHA loan.

Conventional 97% LTV 3%
Down Program

  • These come from large government subsidized companies.
  • Have very little down payment costs.
  • Allows down payments that are gifts from family or friends.

Good Neighbor Next
Door Program

  • Provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Great for teachers, firefighters and police officers.
  • You can find available properties in your area

HUD Dollar Home Program

  • Also provided by the HUD.
  • Able to sell foreclosed FHA homes at a very low-cost for the consumer.
  • Designed to help revitalize communities for low-income families.

Home Ready Home Path Mortgage

  • You’ll need to take the required buyer education course first.
  • Then, you can receive 3% towards your downpayment .
  • This program secures the full amount you’ll need for closing.

Exclusive for first-time home buyers who are looking for their primary residence.

Native American Direct Loan

  • Designed for Native American Veterans only.
  • Allowing the oppotunity to buy a property in a recognized trust land.


We have created a program designed for those who need a friend in the industry.