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Thinking of selling your property? Want to start searching for your dream home? Need reliable suggestions on real estate transactions? If you answered positively to any of these questions, finding a realtor is the first step towards achieving your goal. But even when the answer is pretty easy, the process is not as straightforward as it should be. 

It’s because not all real estate agents come with the same level of experience, contacts, or expertise. While some may excel at helping you find exactly what you want, others can falter at fulfilling even your basic requirements. 

This is why it’s important to learn how to find a good realtor to help with your real estate needs. The good part? If you keep a few points in mind, you can cut through the clutter to discover a reliable real estate agent with ease.

Pay Attention to the Number of Listings

When searching for realtors in your area, you should immediately shortlist those who have the highest number of listings. It’s because the number of listings not only reflects on the realtor’s profile, but also sheds a light on their networking skills. This is crucial whether you are dealing in a commercial or residential property.

Realtors with a high number of listings are well-connected in their local area. If you are selling your home, this makes them more likely to find you a buyer in a timely manner. If you want to purchase a property, their extensive inventory can easily fetch you something close to your requirements. 

When it comes to commercial properties, a realtor’s number of listings plays a critical part. With their network, they can help you connect with high profile sellers and buyers without any issues.

Don’t Count Out the Experience

It goes without saying that extensive experience is a major plus for a real estate agent. But as you learn how to find a good realtor, let’s take a look at why it matters in this particular segment.

While representing you as a seller, seasoned realtors are able to advise you how to stage your home to attract local buyers. In addition to that, they also know how to show a house in a way that leads to a contract. 

While helping you as a buyer, these realtors’ experience also allows them to tap into your needs, and lets them get a grasp on exactly what you require. This way, they can help you find the listing you are looking for without making you run from one showing to the other.

Pay Attention to Specializations

All real estate agents are registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). But they still hold different specializations. When searching online, you need to make sure that you are dealing with realtors who excel at transactions involving your preferred type of property. 

From rental units to ranches, this specialization helps you communicate with a professional who knows the ins and outs of dealing in your required property type. 

This lets you steer clear from mishaps and delays, and increases the chances of completing your transaction in a timely manner. 

Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends

While most of your searches on finding a real estate agent remain online, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your social circle for help. In fact, it is a key practice while figuring out how to find a good realtor.

Whether you contact a family member who recently sold a home or a coworker who bought one, getting referred to their realtor comes with a sense of credibility. Knowing that someone in your immediate circle has already dealt with the real estate agent in question lets you rest assured in their reliability. 

By following these practices, you are able to find a realtor you can trust with your property requirements. This ensures that your real estate transaction starts without any issues, and completes with the utmost comfort.


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