Here’s how everyone else is fixing up their living space.

As the world grapples through the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, some of us are either working from home or staying off of work altogether. While this creates an unprecedented situation, it also gives you plenty of time to pull off DIY home improvement projects during quarantine. 

But even when you have sufficient time to breathe new life into your home, other aspects such as your spending ability, available materials, and handiness skill each play a big part in the process. To make sure that you are able to not only take on renovation projects but also able to complete them, it is essential that you execute your ideas after considering these factors. 

To help you make an informed decision about what ideas to try and what to let go of until a later time, here’s a lowdown on how others are approaching their DIY home improvement ideas during coronavirus quarantine.

1. Almost Everyone Wants to Take on DIY Projects

First things first, it’s essential to know that you are definitely not the only one with the bright idea to pull off a DIY home improvement project during this time. According to a recent report, 4 out of 5 homeowners are thinking along the same lines, and notice aspects around their home that could do with a little improvement.

The same research also noted that the average homeowner has at least six repairs or home improvement ideas they would like to take on during COVID-19.

2. Redoing the Kitchen is a Hit

With 65 percent of respondents vying for a kitchen remodel, specifically cabinet and countertop renovation, the idea to get an essentially new kitchen ranks the highest on the list of home improvement projects during quarantine.

3. Smart Home Automation is Also Popular

Smart home automation with the integration of relevant devices and fixtures is also a popular home improvement idea. With 63 percent of homeowners wanting to live in a smart home, it trails kitchen remodel by just a fraction.

4. Focus on Lighting is Another Priority

Given that good lighting can bring a positive touch to even the most mundane of rooms, it is no surprise to see that 61 percent of homeowners are focusing on projects such as lighting installation, fixture replacement, and switch repair.

5. Bathroom Fixtures Are Getting Attention

Continuing with smaller home improvement ideas during coronavirus, 61 percent of homeowners are looking to change their bathroom fixtures to bring a new look and style to their personal space. 

6. Not All DIY Projects Come Together Nicely

Even with all of these aspirations, DIY home improvement projects aren’t a walk in the park. About 49 percent of homeowners who attempted such an idea reported that they ended up buying the wrong pieces, while 36 percent stated that their project didn’t come together as they had originally thought.

7. Start With Proper Budgeting

The survey also found that an average homeowner’s top three repairs could cost nearly $700. This means that if you are looking to pull off your utmost priorities, you may need to budget a significant portion of your monthly spending.

8. Do Your Research, and Follow Proper Guidelines

With these easy ideas at your disposal, it is easy to execute a DIY home improvement project during COVID-19. However, it is crucial that you do your proper research in terms of involved steps and expenses, so you don’t feel stranded in the middle of executing your idea.


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