Real Network Team Benefits

Free Buyer and Seller Referrals

  • Free virtual Realtor Assistant.
  • Free marketing of all your listings (so you can keep the full Selling Commission).
  • Buyer Screening: Our call center agents will screen all your new buyer inquiries and if they're qualified, either live transfer them or schedule appointment for you.
  • Free professional image editing & custom Graphic design Work.
  • You will be listed as a preferred realtor on all of our web & social media channels.
  • Free marketing and social media coaching.
  • Credit Newvation and Brokered by EXP Realty.

Optional Virtual Realtor Assistent ($0.15 per Minute)

  • 5% Referral fee to market your listings (so you can keep the full Selling Commission)
  • Buyer Screening: ($0.12 per Hour)
  • $0.25 Per image.

35% Referral Fee

  • Optional Virtual Realtor Assistant ($0.20 per minute)
  • 5% Referral fee To market your listings (so you can keep the full Selling Commission)
  • Buyer Screening: ($0.16 per Hour)
  • $0.50 Per Image.

Team Benefits: 

Free Buyer and Seller Referrals

  • We spent over half a million dollars on advertising in 2020, and we are looking to double that in 2021!
  • You’ll be given free qualified leads that we typically refer to outside agents for a 35% referral fee.

Free Marketing For Your Listings

  • We will market your listings for you on all our platforms and on the web in addition to MLS.

Free Lead and Call Screening

  • You’ll be given a free phone number for advertising.
  • Our agents will screen all lead calls to that number and transfer or schedule an appointment for you.

Free Professional Graphic Design

  • Our graphic designers and photoshop experts will make your listings stand out and look Incredible!

Free Marketing and Social Media Coaching

  • We will provide you with today’s finest marketing tools that will help you dominate your local market. our goal is to make you a real estate influencer and a trusted name in your community.


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