Find First Time Home Buyer Assistance Programs Near You

We serve as a platform for buyers in all 50 states, our main goal is to help Americans from all walks of life to become homeowners.
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For that, we’ve developed a process that is stress-free, cost-effective while taking less time. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our experts are ready to provide the help you’ve been waiting for so long.

Advantages of buying with AFTHA 


We have the most competitive and detail-oriented team of experts that will guide you from zero to full ownership, at no upfront cost.


We’ll match you with the right agents and lenders in your area, so you can fulfill the final goal at your own pace.

Personal assistance

From start to finish, our team will be answering your questions, sharing resources, and building a strong bond that will last even after the process has ended.

And more

The best is yet to come, and we’re ready to provide all the support that’s needed and so much more.

What our clients are saying 

We’re more than proud to help thousands of families all over the U.S., we want to be that helping hand for you too. 

We're so happy to help hard-working families all over the country, this time and with the help of our associate Emily Snellgrove, the Scott family can proudly say they are the owners of a beautiful property in South Florida..

Our partners 

Alliances we’ve built over the years, long-lasting relationships that will help us assist you in all 50 states, and more. 

We are here to help

Homeownership doesn’t have to be that hard, and we’re here to turn the odds in your favor. Our process has helped more than 300 families all across the U.S., and now we want to support yours in this beautiful journey. 

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