Bring home the holiday cheer with these sleek yet traditional decor suggestions.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has turned the holiday season into an unprecedented affair. From limiting family visits to reducing shopping trips, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the pressuring circumstances. But that’s exactly why we need to channel our inner holiday spirit, and find some light during these dark times.

Fortunately, something as simple as executing Christmas decoration ideas can be enough to restore the seasonal cheer to your life. While you may not be decorating the Christmas tree with extended family, you can still indulge in various holiday activities. 

With a small inspiration there, a little lighting here, these modern Christmas decoration tips can bring you some holiday joy. Striking the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, these 5 suggestions are the perfect way to celebrate new beginnings.

1. Invest in Indoor String Lights

String lights are nothing new for the Christmas decoration expert. But they are usually reserved for the outside of your home. This particular idea turns that tradition inside out and lets you enjoy the same festive spirit indoors instead. 

Want to bring some life to your Christmas tree? Hang these lights around it in a neat arrangement. Need to outline that family portrait? Frame it with these shades of fun. Want to feel happier while working from home? Arrange them around your desk. Whatever option you choose, the joyful glow of these lights can easily bring a smile to your face.

2. Get a Mini Christmas Tree

When it comes to trendy Christmas decoration ideas, this mini tree can be seen everywhere. Not only does it save you plenty of space, but also comes with the promise of a lower cost. Sounds like a win win? It’s because it definitely is.

Some of these mini trees come in natural options, while others are artificially made. They can be found in baskets, in their own stands, or even in LED sculptures. Whatever version you end up choosing, it can fit right in with popular and modern Christmas decoration tips. Just remember to choose a color scheme that doesn’t clash with the rest of your holiday decor.

3. Decorate Everyday Objects With Themed Items

Whether you are investing in garlands, lights, or ribbons, don’t shy away from putting them on everyday objects. From your dining chairs to your accent tables, every surface is ripe to be used as a decor frame. This is especially apt for otherwise drab objects such your desk chair, which can always do with some cheering up.

When you carefully decorate these objects, it spreads the holiday cheer throughout your home. Since you can keep the aesthetic as modern as your other decor, this particular tip never fails to deliver. The best part? These items don’t cost a fortune, but look like a million bucks when set up properly.

4. Look Into Festive Wall Decals

If you want your Christmas decoration ideas to literally pop off the walls, this is the way to go. With these especially crafted wall decals, you can easily dress up any wall no matter how plain it looks otherwise. 

This particular suggestion works quite well with other modern Christmas decoration tips. Whether you are working with mood lighting or lush green garlands, these holiday-themed decals can make them look alive. From golden accents to snowflake imprints, you can also make your selection from various options. This gives you the flexibility to get this decor right according to your liking. 

5. Buy Some Minimalist Holiday Wreaths

While dressing up your walls for Christmas, nothing can complete the experience like a well-placed holiday wreath. The only downside? It can look out of place in an otherwise modern environment. But a minimalist holiday wreath can change it all for the better. 

From red hues to traditional greens, these holiday wreaths are available in a variety of colors and designs. But they all share the uniform quality of looking sharp, sleek, and ultra neat. With clean lines and well-placed accents, these holiday wreaths can get you the Hallmark movie look without a gaudy feel. If you are looking for the effortless holiday look, this item won’t disappoint.


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