The Future of Real Estate: How Tech Will Transform Everything (Again)

From AI to the sharing economy, there will be no limits.


The real estate industry has been through quite a bit of change over the past few decades. Individuals are now able to have a wide variety of ways to obtain real estate information, transact, and close deals. They can do so more quickly and efficiently. Instead of going neighborhood to neighborhood and searching, one can merely browse on the world wide web.

Technology is going to be more integrated into real estate due to the necessity of efficiency.

Here are several technologies that will continue to add value to the real estate sector for operators, investors, and consumers.

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a critical technology and financial innovation changing the game for the real estate industry. This technology has helped individuals to access investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

Real estate developers have not had this much opportunity in the past to access capital and build projects. While they may have been limited in the past, that restriction is now less present. Crowdfunding is certainly improving the game and opening up opportunities for developers and more real estate groups.

But now large developers are also tapping into crowdfunding opportunities to bring about more projects.

Blockchain Can Improve the Real Estate Sector

The blockchain sector is slowly growing and running in the background in certain areas. But you would be surprised to see that it is gradually entering the real estate sector. You might wonder how it can play a part in real estate. The most prominent way is through the digitizing of various assets. In essence, it will tokenize real-world assets.

But what does that mean?

It simply means that one can utilize the blockchain to parcel out property and provide ownership to various parties. For instance, if you have a large commercial property, you can open it up for ownership. You may note that there is space for 100 investors or 1000 at a specific price. One can obtain a portion of ownership proportional to the capital invested.

These portions of ownership are tradable and highly liquid.

This provides more opportunities for the creation, distribution, and management of equity.

The Expanding Sharing Economy and Real Estate

The sharing economy is present everywhere. One can see it in vehicles, in supplies and tools, and even in housing. This movement is tremendous and terrific because it helps to utilize current assets efficiently.

New technologies have paved the way for individuals to list their homes, take in renters, minimize costs, and connect with fellow humans. What is fantastic about these properties is that they can obtain higher rates on short-term rentals.

As more individuals move to a more flexible lifestyle, and think about traveling and usability over ownership, open access adds immense value. Everyone from investors to renters can enjoy the benefits of this technology.

VR and AR in Real Estate

Remember that technology becomes about immense efficiency, and that is where AR and VR shine. For example, why would you want to tour a home or real estate property in person when you could put on a headset and visit it?

As long as the home or real estate property is mapped in real-time and is true in representation, AR and VR would be perfect. If one can assess the property from afar and genuinely understand all aspects, it will improve investment opportunities.

These technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality make a difference and have helped in recent pandemic times. Remember that augmented reality and virtual reality let you be in a space without physically being there.

Real Estate Is Slowly Changing

Yes, real estate is slowly changing due to technology. It is becoming more efficient and helping to improve real estate transactions across the world. These are a few of the trending technologies that are simplifying processes for all involved.


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