Blockchain: The Future of Real Estate


How radical will the change be?

Individuals in government are investigating at how to incorporate bitcoin into regular life. For instance, in Wyoming, politicians and legislators have worked to make Wyoming a crypto capital. The state is doing so by passing different laws that would negate transmitter laws for digital assets or currencies.

Meanwhile, we see that the mayor of Miami has also been embracing bitcoin and digital assets. He has noted that he would enable individuals to take care of their property taxes with digital assets. At least, he is proposing to bring this plan to pass.

It is not a surprise that Miami has seen significant activity in the cryptocurrency space and how it has affected a few real estate transactions. For instance, recently a luxury real estate property in Miami was bought and paid for in digital assets.

What was the price of the property? It was over $20 million! It seems that more individuals are gravitating toward digital assets. They are transacting in digital assets and using digital assets to purchase real estate assets.

The theory is cryptocurrencies like bitcoin should be as strong as real estate when it comes to protection against inflation. It is important to see how cryptocurrency and the blockchain will interact with real estate transactions.

Let’s find out!

Smart Contracts for the Real Estate Transactions

The power of digital assets is now being seen in more parts of industry. It is not merely present in the mode of payment but can be present elsewhere as well. For instance, the rise of blockchain-integrated real estate might be upon us.

A blockchain is a systematic record of transactions which makes it difficult or nearly impossible to hack. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

We appreciate the blockchain because it can bring about speed, security, and automation. These aspects are possible through the advent of smart contracts. The value of smart contracts is that it mitigates the need for intermediaries.

If several real estate transactions do not require third parties, it helps speed the process further. Since smart contracts secure information and hardcode the information, it serves as a technology that does not have to be verified.

Effortless Transactions

The next component is effortless transactions that are present in blockchain technology. This technology can make it to where real estate transactions are secure and there is less possible fraud present in the picture.

The blockchain technology helps to spur transactions and simplify them as more parties are taken out. We can see how data can transfer and how signing important contracts can take place quickly.

Smart contracts that rest on the blockchain account for value transfer ensure that it records important information, and that it is transparent and immutable.

To Acquire Real Estate

This technology helps to automate real estate purchases and helps to show who has ownership of a certain property. Think of the blockchain and smart contracts as technologies that can quickly show who did what, the current availability of properties, and much more.

The blockchain can provide a holistic overview of the real estate asset without the need for other parties.

Further, as more people accept cryptocurrencies, it can serve as a way for people to pool capital and acquire real estate. It can be quite valuable in bringing about more international buyers and creating more opportunities.


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