What is Cabincore? The New Hot Trend in Home Decoration


You do not have to live in the forest to incorporate this design.

What do you think of when you hear the term cabincore? If it is a house in the middle of plenty of greenery you would be correct.

This, however, is not the only place that the cabincore aesthetic can be utilized. It can be utilized in an apartment located in the downtown area of a bustling city or a home in suburbia. Cabincore is about having a warm and earthy feel to your home.

Let us find out more about cabincore and why more people love this trend.

The Cabincore Aesthetic Breathes Life into Many Settings

This aesthetic is not solely about the exterior of your home. This does not mean that you must have lighting that is animal-based either. Nor does it mean that you must have picnic-themed pieces throughout your home. The goal of this aesthetic is to be closer to nature.

This means utilizing more plants and more neutral tones in your home. This trend is a far cry away from trends that are current today. This trend allows individuals to have a sense of calm and peace. This is something that most people desire more of in their life.

Enlighten Yourself with a Higher Connection

The way to feel enlightened and a connection to the outdoors is to focus on areas inside of your home that are most associated with the outdoors. This means incorporating more windows and highlighting areas such as a fireplace. Incorporate unique pieces that also showcase your personality.

Mix and Match to Get Variety

Mix and match pieces from different periods. Some of the best, most unique finds can be found at estate sales. Utilize linens and furniture to create a unique experience in your living room. If you are on a budget, you too can utilize this trend. It would just require you to add in a couple of key pieces. You can add in things such as real wood furniture, poufs, and rugs that incorporate jute. Jute, which is a vegetable fiber, is often a main theme in the cabincore trend.      

Have a Fireplace? Cabincore Can Serve You Well!

If you have a fireplace, you are already incorporating a cabincore. You would just need to find ways to accent your fireplace.

Doing this means that your fireplace will be the main destination in your home year-round. This is a good thing. You want to encourage this in any way you can. This can be done by adding a seating area and adding items such as a firewood holder.

If you have an outdoor fire set up, that is even better. This is because you are in nature while being around a fire. If you want an unique twist to an outdoor fire, you can utilize an outdoor fire pit.

Have Fun on This Project

This might be a fun project to do yourself. If this is not something you want to tackle, you could purchase a portable fire pit.

A portable fire pit has many benefits such as less smoke and the creation of fine ashes. This makes cleanup a breeze and the best part is the fire will last longer overall.

Incorporate cabincore into your home to give yourself and family an outdoorsy feeling, sense of well-being, and comfort. Express your own personality by adding elements to your home decor in natural fibers, wood, antiques or new.  Most of all be creative and have fun with your design.


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