There are alternative home buying solutions for any family. What are Rent to Own homes?

You can take advantage of these alternative home buying options in order to become a home owner when all other options have been exhausted. When you hear the term rent to own you automatically start to think that the information you encounter is shady in some way. This can not be further from the truth when you are provided the information that has been proven to be factual. 

Here at The AFTHA Program we have done the research for you to provide to best knowledge about the rent to own landscape. There are a few different ways to be able to secure a rent to own property to call your own.  Check out the different ways you can use a rent to own option below.

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Option Contract:

This is how it works:

  • Whether a home is listed for sale on the market, or is still under owner possession, you as a consumer can offer the homeowner money to give you an exclusive right to purchase their home.
  • This option contract is great for the intended buyer who is interested because they have exclusive right to purchase, however they do not have to. Prices will either rise or fall, however the decision you make is an exclusive option, not a requirement. To find out more about option contracts, or if you need help finding one in your area feel free to contact us today to get started!

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Lease Contract:

An agreement between two parties, where one conveys land or property to another for a specific term (time), typically in return for monthly payments.

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Lease Options A.K.A. Rent To Own:

These are written up and an addendum (contract) is attached to the back of it. You will pay 20% above the market lease price for this property and a portion of your payments will go to your down payment at the end of the lease.

You and the homeowner would enter into a contract that will dictate how the lease and the option will be executed. 

At this point you are obligated to the deal just like any normal lease on a property, and this also comes with the responsibility of having to come up with a monetary consideration for the owner that includes first month, last month and also a security deposit to cover any costs.

The most important thing to remember about a rent to own, lease option, or option contract is that these types of programs usually require a much larger up front down payment, and buyers will also experience an increased monthly payment.

Rent To Own, what are the risks?

For a person who needs to be able to purchase a home in an alternative way and have exhausted all other options, a rent to own ooption is a great way to become a home owner. As great as it may be, there are still some risks involved, find out more below:

  • 1Nonpayment of Rent Equals an invalid Contract
  • 2Property Damage may be explored if necessary
  • 3Illegal or Drug Related Activity
  • 4Any Violation of the Clauses in the lease or Addendum

Keep in mind: In 2-5 years anything could happen. When you own a home and have a mortgage, there are protections that will safeguard you. With rent to owns, unless they are specifically written into the contract, there are practically none.

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