We are proud to provide support to those American families who wish to buy a new home

By overcoming the difficulties between the financial gap and financial success.

AFTHA’s mission is to help people who have been struggling for a long time in order to become homeowners and are unable to afford the expenses necessary to manage this acquisition. 

Normally it takes 10-11 months to buy a house, let’s make that shorter.

Offering a universally comprehensive service for those who need it the most, we help them by improving their credit history, while sharing extremely valuable information about interest rates, fiscal/government policy and so much more

Housing Related

NLIHC – Resource Library
Community Power Network

Food & Health

HealthCare.gov subsidy Info



Food Research and Action Center


Need Help Paying Bills
Usa.gov Financial Help
Seniors Resource Guide
Frugaling.org My Low-Income Lifestyle.
MyCreditUnion.gov Low Income Credit Unions
Dmv.org Low income car insurance
FCC.gov Lifeline

Women, Children, Babies.

Single Mother Guide
Single Mother Assistance
National Women’s Law Center
Women Employed 
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Our days are brighter when there is a satisfied customer

Your financial difficulties are not impossible to overcome

Let us build a strong relationship in where improvement is key on all aspects. Learn to fulfill your dreams one step at a time and enjoy long-term results that will change your life starting now.

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