Turn your small space into gardening heaven with just a few steps.

For anyone who enjoys decorating, working on small spaces comes with an interesting combination of challenge and delight. This also holds true for landscaping or gardening enthusiasts, who need to fulfill the requirements of diversity and aesthetic at the same time.

Whether you are working on your own home or fulfilling the task for someone else, you can easily learn how to decorate a small backyard or gardening space like a pro. To help you along the way, here are 5 tips to keep in mind while setting up a small space as a green thumb.

1. Use Lots of Containers

While trying to make the most out of small spaces, you are faced with the constrictions of not being to use large garden beds. If you are big on naturally-sourced food, this puts you at odds with your objective to grow your own produce and herbs. 

That’s where containers come in. 

By using various types of garden pots, plant containers, and vertical garden walls, you can grow your favorite plants by decorating a small garden space. The arrangement of these containers might seem tricky at first, but you would be able to perfect it by spending a few minutes on it. 

2. Mix in the Use of Color Theory and Textures 

As two of the most basic yet wide-ranging aspects of decorating, color palette, and textures also stand front and center in landscaping. By learning to arrange your plants according to their natural colors, you can make even a constricting backyard seem like a comfortable area. From creating a vivid garden to a relaxing flower arrangement, you have plenty of opportunities to play around with. 

When it comes to textures, using large leafy plants against the walls with some gravel on the ground goes a long way. The usage of bushier plants against flower pots also enhances this use of texture.

3. Install a Fire Pit

While learning how to decorate a small backyard or garden space, you should also look into the usage of fire pits. At first, this may seem counterproductive, given how you are trying to save space. But give it some thought, and the idea makes sense through and through.

To begin with, fire pits add remarkable depth to the overall aesthetic of your garden. But they don’t stop there, and act as a focal point to tie your space together. Even that’s not all, since they also bring a theatrical touch to your evenings. Since a fire pit provides you with warmth during colder seasons, it also has its functional benefits.

4. Add Some Movable Fixtures

A big part of decorating small spaces is using movable fixtures whenever possible. That’s why items such as Murphy beds and pullout ironing boards are so popular among those who have cozy spaces to work with. 

For your garden, movable fixtures may come in the form of stacking chairs or foldable tables. You can also use the suggestion of buying a fire pit in this context, and use a style that’s portable. This ensures that you can easily tuck these items in the garage and only get them out when you have to use them. This approach to decorating a small garden space gives you several options to expand your garden.

5. Be as Tidy as Possible

Unless you are vying to end up on an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, an area full of clutter never sparks joy. This also holds true for backyards and gardens. If you have gardening tools, supplies, or empty pots strewn around your small space, it will end up projecting an air of disorganization. 

You can employ measures such as putting a basket by the backyard door to chuck in anything that you don’t need in the moment. You can then sort out what to do with it when you have some free time on your hands. From pet toys to fertilizer bags, this approach applies to everything. 

By using these tips on how to decorate a small backyard, you can make the most out of your small gardening space. You may use as many or as few of these tips to ensure that they fit with your gardening style. 


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